How To Set Up Facebook Pixel In Your Shopify Store In 2 Minutes

How To Set Up Facebook Pixel In Your Shopify Store In 2 Minutes
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You’ve set up your Shopify store and you’re ready to kickstart those Facebook Ads. There’s only thing left to do: connecting the Facebook Pixel with your Shopify Store.

Connecting them should only take few minutes, so let’s get started.

1. Ensure your Pixel has been created

Head over to the menu on the upper left side of the Facebook dashboard then select “Pixels”.

Select “Pixel” from the dropdown menu.

If a Pixel has been previously created you should see something like:

You should be able to see the previously created Pixel.

Tip: make sure you have selected the right Ad Account on the upper left side.

If you need to create a new Pixel, you can follow our guide here.

2. Copy your Facebook Pixel ID

Copy the Pixel ID.

3. Connect it to your Shopify Store

Next, we’ll open our Shopify dashboard and go to: Online Store -> Preferences.

Select “Preferences”.

Next, scroll down and just paste the Pixel ID, then hit Save.

Paste the Pixel ID, hit Save and you’re done!

Boom! Your Pixel has now been connected to Shopify.

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