5 Reasons You Need Facebook Ads Automation Today

5 Reasons You Need Facebook Ads Automation Today
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Back in the days Facebook Ads used to be fun. And also quite profitable.

Nowadays, running profitable Facebook Ads seems to be an increasingly challenging task, for both companies and digital marketing agencies.

Checking Ads Manager few times a day, duplicating ads, launching new campaigns, scaling adsets, pausing the bad ones… All while ensuring that ROAS stays up. It can be a daunting task. If you’ve been in the “Facebook game” long enough, you’ve probably know that.

I’ve been there. Without even knowing, micro-managing the ads was eating up most of my day, as an eCommerce business owner and marketing strategist.

I was addicted to it.

No matter where I was or what I was doing, my mind was always like: “I wonder how is that new adset doing…”. Sounds familiar?

It’s also quite scary going to sleep knowing your campaigns are spending thousands of dollars, and you can’t really control that.  

Coming from that background, I started looking for solutions. How could I be in charge of my advertising all the time? Enter Facebook Ads Automation.

So, what exactly is Facebook Ads Automation?

The short answer: The process of replacing your manual ad management routine by using a professional automation platform (such as Adhance.io).

The long answer: Instead doing all this work manually, every day: monitoring, scaling, pausing, changing bids, changing budgets, duplicating ads, you create a set of flows that apply all those actions automatically 24/7, based on your KPIs (or specific metrics). Imagine having a little robot monitoring Ads Manager and taking intelligent actions for you every hour, every day. Non-stop.

Few examples:

An adset is spending too much without any conversions? Automation can pause or decrease its budget for you.

An adset is bringing in a lot of conversions? Automation can increase the budget or duplicate that adset for you.

An adset is generating conversions after it got paused? Automation can detect that an turn it back on. And the list of scenarios goes on.

Now let’s see what happens when you start automating your ads management routine.

1. You stop worrying about wasted budget

Not needing to review, compare and adjust all those adsets manually not only saves you hours and hours every day, but it also allows you to take off your mind from your ads.

You will stop being concerned about the way your budget is being spent, and as a matter a fact you will probably start sleeping better at night. You will be in control of your advertising.

2. You have a safety net for unexpected situations

It was past 12AM, about to rest, when I decided to check the ads once more, as per my usual routine. I was shocked to see a spend of thousands of dollars happened in just few minutes. After some digging, I saw something unusual: a couple adsets spend a high amount while only generating few dollars in return.

One of my colleagues made a small mistake when setting up a target cost campaign. The result? A loss of few thousand dollars in less than an hour.
This scenario could have been easily avoided should we had a basic automation flow in place:       

IF Spend (Today) > $100 & Purchases (Today) = 0, Then Pause Adset”.

That’s pretty easy, right? And it gets even better.

3. You focus on the bigger picture

Rather than applying micro-level actions manually in Ads Manager, you start focusing on the bigger picture. What do I mean by that?

Instead of being busy increasing daily budgets or pausing a bad adsets few times a day, you allow automation flows do all of that. so you can focus on your higher level strategy.

  • How can we improve our product or service?
  • How can we increase average order value?
  • How can we increase customer retention?
  • How can we increase organic traffic?
  • How can we decrease churn?
  • How can we better serve our customers?

These are few questions that can help generate tremendous momentum for any business. The moment you start focusing on the bigger picture it’s when your business will see massive growth opportunities.

4. You scale faster and more efficiently

Every seasoned digital marketer has its own scaling strategy. Some do it horizontally, creating dozens new adsets, some do it vertically, increasing budgets. Some use a combination of both.

No matter what kind of scaling strategy you use, you probably spend some time hunting down those highly profitable adsets. And when you do find them, you try to check them from time to time, just to check if they’re still running profitably.

When using automation, all you need to do is define your scaling strategy. Be it you duplicate adsets or you increase budgets or you use both, setting up a basic automation flow such as:

“IF ROAS (Last 7 Days) > 3, Then Increase Daily Budget by 25% (Once a day)” will ensure you’re not missing out on any scaling opportunities, while you end up saving a lot of time.

5. You give your ROAS a boost

It’s a fact that companies believe that 30% of their marketing budgets are being wasted.

My gut feeling (and years of experience with Facebook Ads) is telling me those numbers are even higher when we’re talking about digital advertising.

Imagine this scenario:

You have few dozens active adsets, and 15 adsets each spend about $5 a day without bringing any conversions. $75 wasted daily. When you spend thousands of dollars a day, that number may seem insignificant.

Let’s do some basic math here: $75 multiplied by 30 days = $2250 wasted every month. Think about it. What happens when you have few adsets wasting hundreds of dollars every day? Your ROAS is hurt. A lot.

So what happens when you start to quickly cut down bad ads and you start scaling faster?

The result is not surprising:Your ROAS and KPIs improve significantly. Your business grows. You are ahead of the game.


Automation is quickly becoming the new standard in the world of marketing and advertising. In order to stay ahead of the game, companies (and agencies) should take more control over their advertising budgets and constantly focus on improving KPIs.

Adhance.io is professional automation platform that allows businesses and agencies to set up both advanced and basic advertising automation flows in minutes.